2013 Olomana Road Race Results and



  1. Matthew Leo 1:16:28
  2. Reyn Yoshimura 1:26:07

Woman 4/5:

  1. Chiyo Lombard Husslei 1:18:05
  2. Erica Haas 1:18:09
  3. Monique Van Der Aa 1:23:55

Men 1/2/3:

  1. Eric Lau 2:10:13
  2. Ray Brust 2:10:24
  3. Benjamin Early 2:29:50

Men 4/5:

  1. Bill Lezzer 1:43:21
  2. Jason Nakayama 1:48:28
  3. Richard Galluzzi 1:48:35
  4. Chuck Dietrich 1:48:36
  5. Jeffrey Ling 1:50:21
  6. Wing Ho 1:52:37
  7. Tino Espiritu 1:53:56
  8. James Harmon 1:58:07
  9. Gregory Wolf 1:59:42
  10. Bernard Doria 2:00:55
  11. Alexander Duncan 2:01:39
  12. Steve Novak 2:03:28
  13. Micah Mizumoto 2:07:51
  14. James Santelli 2:11:00

Master Men 35+ 4/5:

  1. Arnel Supnet 1:40:37
  2. Burt Senas NT
  3. Tim Kutara 1:44:31
  4. Les Mcelhaney 1:48:02
  5. Hipolito Olaes 1:50:11
  6. Chris Houghtling2:00:14
  7. Scott Hansen 2:04:15

Men 4/5 50+:

  1. Thomas Williamson 1:40:10
  2. Charles Calvet 1:41:40
  3. Brian Combs 1:41:41
  4. Michael Abbott 1:41:41
  5. Rick Marine 1:46:36
  6. Robert Knock 1:50:36
  7. Jonathan Lott 1:52:48
  8. Darren Otsuka 1:54:33
  9. Samson Ramirez 1:54:34
  10. Atomman Kimm 1:59:09
  11. Richard Van Der Aa 2:00:09
  12. Edwin Tangunan 2:13:18

Master Men 4/5 60+:

  1. Calvin Asaeda 1:21:36
  2. Barry Masuda 1:23:48
  3. Patrick Chung 1:23:55
  4. Keith Minn 1:27:26
  5. Gilbert Loomis 1:32:37
  6. Robert Campbell 1:35:32
  7. Geoff Hamilton 1:36:20

Race Report:


With the remnants of a tropical storm still washing over Oahu, this morning’s 2013 Olomana Road Race was a damp and dirty ride through the Windward side.

The course itself was a three mile loop. A quick and straight descent down Kalanianaole Highway was followed by a hairpin turn and two miles of punching up and coasting down a series of rolling foothills. Turnout–perhaps depressed by the weather–was relatively low, with a hair under fifty riders taking part in the race.

My own race was the Men’s 4/5. The pack held together for the first three laps, but as soon as the fourth lap came around Bill Lezzer put the hammer down and broke off the front. Myself and a few other riders gave chase, but our little group soon broke up as well. The race turned into a time trial then, with each of us pushing solo against the rain and wind that was assaulting the course.

With eight laps to go, I pushed myself off the backs of the riders in front of me. I was in fourth–and looking for the podium–so I kept pushing hard. As I moved past each rider, I studied their backs, looking for the first of the three riders in front of me.

With two laps to go, I finally met the first of the three riders. I held even with him for a while, and then slowly pushed away. I watched him over my shoulder for a while, disappearing and re-appearing with each twist of the road, until he was finally separated for good from me. I set my sights on the second rider then, attacking on each hill and carving around the corners as fast as I dared in the wet conditions.

Unfortunately, that rider–Jason Nakayama–and I never met. I made it across the finish line without catching a glimpse of him. Looking at the results, I would later learn that in the nearly two hour race at the end he only held me to seven seconds. Bill Lezzer, however, blew the race apart. After cramping in the final miles of last month’s Pineapple Hill Race, he kept adding to his lead throughout the race, eventually finishing roughly five minutes ahead of Jason Nakayama and myself.

Eric Lau took the win in the Men’s 1/2/3 race, coming back from last year’s race where he flatted half-way through the race. Chasing him was Ray Brust, who–despite a hard chase in the final laps–was unable to close the ten second gap between him and Lau.

The Men 35+ category was won by Arnel Supnet. Thomas Williamson took the Men 50+ category with a solid one minute lead over his rivals while Calvin Asaeda won the 50+ category.

The women’s racing was represented by only a handful of riders. Erica Haas, who won last month’s Pineapple Hill was edged out by Chiyo Lombard Husslei. A pair of riders raced in the Junior category with Matthew Leo besting Reyn Yoshimura by roughly eight minutes.

The only major race remaining on the Oahu Race Calendar now is Dick Evans. Stay tuned for coverage.



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