So, A Man Walks Into a Bike Shop…

This is a story from Bike Shop employee and local racer Bill Lezzer. It was too good not to share. Bike thieves, beware! Especially when the people you’re stealing from are in better shape than you.

A customer walks into the shop. Currently assisting another. Greet the customer, “Hey man, how are ya? Take a look around, be with ya in a moment…” Turn my back and continue talking hybrids with my guy.

Mid sentence, all you hear is a bike being pulled out of its display rack, crashing into the side of the door. I turn to seeing this guy hopping on the bike, about to charge down S. King. Get em! Rush out the door just as he is reaching the bus stop. After catching him, pushing him off of the bike, it’s now a chase on foot!

As this is happening, coworker Dan Jackowitz, having just finished eating his Bac Nam pho, sprints past and joins in the chase. Needless to say, the out of shape customer didn’t have the endurance to make it past a couple of blocks. Police came, offered us a job (as a joke) because we caught him.

So, if you are going to try and steal a bike, don’t pick the heaviest downhill bike that we carry. Also, use the gears bro! That’s what they’re there for! Happy Aloha Friday.

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  1. Success! I picked a carbon road bike, used the gears and got away!

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